Book Review - SudetenlandUNSHELFISH REVIEW

"Fans of WW II will delight in this comprehensive endeavor. The detail is unbelievable throughout the narrative, wonderful historical photographs complete this poignant event in history. The weaving of suspense, romance along with a wartime thriller element claim your attention as the story unfolds.

Chronis manipulated a historical event with enough fiction leaving the reader questioning the actual event with plenty of ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’s.’ With certitude I am confident Chronis spent countless hours of tedious research, with the course of the plot it seems apparent Chronis was well versed in both military and historic arenas, perhaps the tell tale mark of comprehensive and laborious research, far too intricate to be invented.

The varying characters will impress the reader. Yes the narrative makes an impact but the characters add the blunt force. The players are numerous, however each one holds a space allowing their presence to fill the gaps of the event collectively.

Chronis impresses with such a challenging and intriguing debut effort, well written, impeccably researched. History and WWII buffs will enjoy this particularized novel, loads to discuss upon completion."