Dead Letter File

3D Cover-Dead Letter FileMy second novel, Dead Letter File is available now on Amazon – both the ebook and print versions. Dead Letter File’s story is not connected to Sudetenland, yet the style and characters are very similar. The book is a homage to my home town, Los Angeles, during the late 1940s. Rest assured work is proceeding apace on the sequel to Sudetenland, yet Dead Letter File is a little something I knew I could get out the door right away. Following is the synopsis:

Dead Letter File is a fast-paced detective thriller. The place is Los Angeles, the time is just after World War II during the early days of the Cold War, and people are turning up dead on the streets of Hollywood. A smuggled Nazi ceremonial weapon is hidden somewhere in the city and several factions have no compulsion against killing to possess this objet d’art that conceals a valuable secret. Suspicion falls upon Tom Jarrett, a man with many secrets of his own from the war, who is forced to put his new life on hold so that he can unravel the mystery… if only he can stay alive long enough.