A Great Interview

Reporters Notebook-SudetenlandErin over at Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK! hit me up for a fantastic interview during my latest tour for Sudetenland through Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. She really made me laugh since I have a reputation for springing lots of probing questions on other people and I got plenty of my own medicine on this occasion. This turned out to be a fine interview because she asks wonderful questions and I had a delightful time working with her. Update: Erin has also written the kind of thorough and insightful review that authors hope for yet rarely receive. It is a delightful read that I highly recommend… and I would say that even if I wasn’t biased about the subject matter.

Book Review - SudetenlandCOFFEE HOBBY REVIEW

"A long and thorough read. This is one that I will be re-reading with Google close at hand...checking out the history. The book spends time with MANY characters and gives us a sweeping glimpse of what those in influence attempted (either for or against Hitler's goals). A lot to be admired in the many journalists, military and government who threw themselves determinedly into their chosen stances and strategies! The scenes bustle with the chaos and suspense of 1930s Central Europe and one can almost close their eyes and see the clandestine meetings, people protesting, daily news and WAR looming just around every corner. Kudos to the author who took on an era that is fraught with complexity and what-ifs."

Book Review - SudetenlandPIRATE GIRL REVIEW

"Fascinating read with a lot of historical background that pulled you into this story and kept you flipping the pages in suspense. The plot moves quickly along keeping you intrigued with well defined characters and great imagery to help immerse yourself in the story. Anyone interested in History and/or World War II events will eat this book up. I adored the way George managed to weave together the tragedy of war, depression and politics with romance, love and hope. Great all around read."

Book Review - SudetenlandUNSHELFISH REVIEW

"Fans of WW II will delight in this comprehensive endeavor. The detail is unbelievable throughout the narrative, wonderful historical photographs complete this poignant event in history. The weaving of suspense, romance along with a wartime thriller element claim your attention as the story unfolds.

Chronis manipulated a historical event with enough fiction leaving the reader questioning the actual event with plenty of ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’s.’ With certitude I am confident Chronis spent countless hours of tedious research, with the course of the plot it seems apparent Chronis was well versed in both military and historic arenas, perhaps the tell tale mark of comprehensive and laborious research, far too intricate to be invented.

The varying characters will impress the reader. Yes the narrative makes an impact but the characters add the blunt force. The players are numerous, however each one holds a space allowing their presence to fill the gaps of the event collectively.

Chronis impresses with such a challenging and intriguing debut effort, well written, impeccably researched. History and WWII buffs will enjoy this particularized novel, loads to discuss upon completion."

Book Review - SudetenlandBOOK NERD REVIEW

"Sudetenland was a very interesting read.  It wasn't a light read and it took me a while to get through it but it was a very rewarding experience. Chronis gives a very interesting perspective on the war and the people it affected.  The writing was very well detailed and the plot moved along at a good pace.  Anyone that is looking for a thorough and rewarding read will enjoy Sudetenland."

Book Review - SudetenlandANOTHER AMAZON REVIEW

"Sudetenland is a well paced, well written, and well researched-historical novel told through the eyes of news correspondents stationed in Europe as they witness events that took the world the brink of WWII. Sudetenland is a What If novel. What if Czechoslovakia had decided to resist Hitler's invasion... Despite the accuracy of the history, the history merely forms backdrop and context. It is the characters, of which there are many, that drive a story that is entertaining and at the same time thoughtful. Readers who enjoyed Harry Turtledove's The Big Switch --- another What If novel covering events leading up to WWII --- will find Sudetenland more historically ambitious and far more engaging."

Book Review - Sudetenland


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading George T. Chronis’ novel about an extremely important period in our lives. It is a must-read for anyone with any interest in or connection to World War II. You will be riveted by the Clancy-type attention to detail (along with a similar page count at 600-plus) expanding on historic events as they unfold and all supported by authentic photographs from the era. The author adds quite a bit of personalization, and a little romance, as we follow a group of mismatched reporters covering the crisis as they trek their way across Europe following the action. Sudetenland is a masterful combination of minute details such as the tank turrets and armor plate, plus historical relevance with a back-story that reads like a Tom Clancy thriller. Enjoy."